Information about the company

The company was founded in 2005. The founding members were the owners, Ing. Věra Glisníková, CSc. and RNDr. Jaroslav Bachratý and the executive head, Bc. Hana Hanáková.

From the very beginning, the company´s aim was solving construction-related geological tasks and problems of border disciplines of construction industry and geology, primarily in the case of extensive line buildings. This activity prevails now as well.

Due to substantial amount of tasks in northern Moravia, the firm has a branch in the village of Ostružná (its part Ramzová), district of Šumperk.

The company´s endeavor is to apply state-of-the-art methods of research works. Cooperation with foreigh organizations and institutions and also publication activity play an important role in the company´s operation.

The company´s activity is focused primarily in the following areas:

  • pre-construction geological surveys
  • hydrogeological surveys
  • engineering-geological surveys
  • geological surveys in various depths
  • performing pyrotechnical works at extensive line buildings
  • localizing archaeological objects using geophysical methods, namely at extensive building projects
  • implementation of professional inspection of the investor
  • supervising activity
  • consultation and counseling activity in the areas of construction industry, geology and archaeology
  • research and publication activity

Ing. Věra Glisníková, CSc.
Civil engineer specialized
in geotechnics
RNDr. Jaroslav Bachratý
Geologist and geophysicist
specialized in engineering activity in
geology and construction industry
Bc. Hana Hanáková
Executive head of the company
Economy and business
Ing. Petr Schiller
Specialization in building supervision of large transport constructions
Mgr. Pavel Machů
Specialization in hydrogeology and engineering geology
Ing. Hana Marková,B BE
Civil engineer specialized in ground constructions
Ing. Pavel Marek, Ph.D.
Geotechnical engineer